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About Us


Elite MSP was founded on the principal that some customers do not want to work with large scale National IT Vendors and just become another number in the customer database.  Many Small and Medium-sized Businesses would prefer to work with a smaller more localized IT and Managed Service Provider.  This smaller boutique style approach to Managed Services allows Elite MSP to be intimately familiar with the customers environment many times resulting in faster more tailored solutions.  Additionally we pride ourselves on building  relationships with everyone of our customers employees.  Overtime this builds a trust and ensures that end users are comfortable asking for assistance and knowing their support request will get the personalized attention it needs.

About our Founder

Building on 12 years of experience Sean Ripley founded Elite MSP with the belief that bigger is not always better.  Having worked for 4 different IT Consulting and MSP firms over the years Sean has been a part of firms as small as 2 employees and as large as 300.  This experience has shaped his methodology for Service Delivery, Customer Service, and product offerings.


After a career as an office Manager Sean easily made the move into IT.  Bringing with him years of experience problem solving and his experiences with IT Vendors as a customer, becoming an IT Consultant was a natural progression.  Starting as a System Admin working for a friend’s business, it did not take long for Sean’s career to progress, ultimately leading to him holding the title of Service Desk Manager at one of the larger National IT firms.  At his largest capacity Sean managed a Team of 10 engineers and close to 3,000 end points.  It was this experience and watching the decline of customer’s personal relationships that lead to believing Bigger is not Better!

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